Announcing Page’s 2014
River Writing Journey for Women!

A River of One's Own
A Heroine's Journey into the World of Story
With Special Guest, Award-winning Author, Playwright, and Actor

Journey down the Colorado River with Ellen McLaughlin and Page Lambert through beautiful Canyonlands National Park, Cataract Canyon, and Lake Powell. Then enjoy a breathtaking scenic flight over Canyonlands as you return to Moab. 

August 10 - 16, 2014, Moab, Utah. Outfitted by Sheri Griffith Expeditions.
Featured in Oprah’s O magazine in 2006 as “One of the top six, great all-girl getaways of the year!”

The theme for this year’s adventure was inspired when Page met keynote presenter Ellen McLaughlin at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico during A ROOM OF HER OWN Foundation’s week-long summer retreat. 

We have always been storytellers, Ellen told the women of AROHO. “We are the mothers, after all, the ones who speak the cultural narrative and teach it through … well, old wives’ tales, which is to say, the ancient, subversive, and immediate mother tongue, the language of metaphor and myth.”

Who told you your first story? For most of us, it was a woman. “We pass the great stories down from generation to generation.  Mother to mother to mother.  And so many of our stories are about journeys—heroes and heroines who leave the confines of the familiar and, in the spirit of curiosity and adventure, light out into the unknown.  There we encounter not only the magnificence of the world, but our very souls.”


“The journey is the human journey, each one a reckoning with self. And when we return from these journeys we carry that most precious cargo: the story.”


Why the River? Women have always gathered at the river. It is where we traditionally have come to greet the sun, to bathe our children and wash our clothes and fill our cooking pots.  It is where we cleansed and purified ourselves.  It is where we told our stories.  The river has always nourished us. 

Come gather at the river with Page and Ellen. Journey through Utah’s breathtaking Canyonlands in August.  Reconnect with this ancient tradition and rediscover the mother tongue. 


More About Ellen McLaughlin

Ellen’s Greek plays have been produced nationally and internationally. They include Days and Nights Within, A Narrow Bed, Infinity's House, Iphigenia and Other Daughters, Tongue of a Bird, The Trojan Women, Helen, The Persians and Oedipus. Perhaps best known for originating the role of the Angel in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, Ellen has appeared in every U.S. production of the play through its run on Broadway. Her grants and awards include: Great American Play Contest, Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, the NEA, the Writer's Award from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund, and the Berilla Kerr Award for playwriting. Ellen has taught at the Yale Drama School, Princeton and Bread Loaf School of English, among others, and has been teaching at Barnard College in NYC since 1995. 

"Put me in a theater and I'm comfortable,
but put me on a river and I'm home."


More about A Room of Her Own Foundation

A Room of Her Own Foundation found its beginning in the realization of Virginia Woolf’s words, “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write.”  Mary Johnson became the catalyst for the formation of AROHO when she met Darlene Chandler Bassett during a retreat at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico in 2000. “It all began with a box of Kleenex, a volume of Virginia Woolf, and a dream.”  READ this inspiring story and learn more about the AROHO community, including the $50,000 Gift of Freedom Award.

“Like Aroho's founding story, AROHO Retreats have been the catalyst for numerous endeavors that continue bringing women together.  Page Lambert's experience at the 2013 AROHO Retreat inspired the theme for her 2014 River Writing Journey for Women, and AROHO is pleased to extend on her behalf an exclusive early invitation to AROHO women to register.”

Please let Page know if you are a member of the AROHO Community.

How Do We Spend Our Days?

Enjoy 6 days/ 5 nights on the famous Colorado River through a canyon deemed a favorite of National Geographic. The trip is led by the West’s premier outfitter Sheri Griffith Expeditions out of Moab, Utah. All the comforts are included, and the Sheri Griffith Expeditions women guides are some of the best in the world: fun, talented, professional and inspiring. And they do all the cooking!

During this Heroine’s Call to Adventure in warm and sunny southern Utah, you’ll enjoy spectacular scenery. Isolated from modern civilization, the red cliff walls tower 2000 feet overhead, touching that flawless western blue sky.  Here the famous Colorado River flows freely, undammed and untamed. The first three days are spent floating on calm water, giving us time to explore the creative world of writing with Ellen and Page. Free-flowing writing facilitation is relaxed but instructive, with time to write as the rafts float between canyon walls.  We'll stop for optional hikes to scenic lookouts and through secret canyons.  The evenings and mornings allow time for journaling, circling up with the group, and enjoying the natural beauty.  As we approach the rapids we'll be eager for some whitewater adventure (calmer rapids during the late summer, but still a lot of fun).  Campsites on beautiful beaches along the riverbank are remote so we carry with us all the comforts we'll need for our stay in the natural world. Every camp is pristine with only a few footprints of birds, animals or other travelers who pass this way.

Special Discounts and Trip Details:

Phone Sheri Griffith Expeditions (800) 332-2439,
or email
Want to talk with Page in person?  Phone (303) 842-7360.


10% discount if you've
rafted with SGRE before.

These river trips sell out quickly, so send your deposit to Page soon!

“Last night I spent more time reading Writing Down the River and reveled all over again in our own amazing experience. The spiritual connection with the river and the natural world resonates with me. I was especially touched by your work—the intimate and personal as well as the story of your experience in Lava Falls.” – Lorraine, 2009 trip (she was celebrating her 80th!)

“I had a wonderful time on the trip. I haven't stopped thinking about the canyon walls, the river, bathing in the river and feeling the mud on the banks between my toes. Thank you for making the trip possible.” – Eliana, 2009 trip



Join the Adventure


August 10-16, 2014
(Sunday PM orientation; Monday AM on the river);


Colorado River, Canyonlands National Park, Cataract Canyon, Utah. The trip starts and ends in Moab.

How long:

6 days, 5 nights


The joy of being on the river is that each day unfolds organically. This is a sample itinerary and may change due to weather, water level, camp availability, and unexpected opportunities.

Download Trip Flyer
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What's Included:

  • All the comforts
  • sleeping tents, cushy Paco pads and sleeping bags
  • all meals on the river (abundant fresh foods, snacks, cold beverages, Dutch-oven desserts)
  • optional guided hikes
  • professional women guides on every raft
  • optional one-on-one consultations with Page
  • water resistant journals and pouches
  • time for writing, rafting, hiking, personal time, group facilitation, and fun!


$1725.00, includes scenic return flight from Lake Powell, over Canyonlands, back to Moab. (Guide gratuity optional but the SGE guides are so extraordinary, you’ll want to take them home with you!)


To reserve your space, either send a $300.00 deposit via personal check to Page Lambert, 26037 Mountain View Road, Golden, Colorado 80401, or pay online via PayPal. PayPal securely processes payments for Page Lambert’s retreats, workshops, and writing services.

Questions? Phone Page (303) 842-7360 or email

Leaders: Page Lambert, creative facilitator, and SGE’s amazing women river guides.

Outfitter: The West's premier leader of outdoor adventures, Sheri Griffith Expeditions Winner! Best of 2008 by the State of Utah.

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“When I got home, my husband said he didn’t
know what you did to me, but do it again!
He loved the woman who came home to him.”

“Page, on the plane for Tulsa—thanks beyond thanks for the opportunity.” -- Joy Harjo, Oklahoma, Crazy Brave River Writing Journey 2013

“Thank you SO much for your vision and all the hard work that went into creating such an amazing experience!  Every night since I've returned, I dream about the river…”-- Kathie Nitz, Connecticut, Crazy Brave River Writing Journey 2013