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November, 2019. The Write Life features Page Lambert’s “Autumn Retreat in the Berkshires” as one of the top writing retreats of 2020.

Let autumn in New England be your muse on this retreat with Page Lambert. From October 4-8, 2020, you’ll stay at a historic inn, participating in group writing sessions and individual manuscript consultations — and drenching your creativity in the beautiful fall colors. Alternatively, check out Lambert’s 13-day women’s retreat in Peru in late April ($4,200).  Lambert has a lengthy page of testimonials on her website. In one, Paula Hagar said Lambert was “the most awesome writing teacher I’ve ever studied with.” In another, Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus called the Peru trip “one of the most inspirational, spiritual and transcendent experiences of my life.” READ MORE.


July, 2019. Page Lambert is featured on Feathered Ink, as an influential female author.

Page Lambert, author of the memoir In Search of Kinship, and the historical novel Shifting Stars, is an advisor for the Rocky Mountain Land Library and a member of the International League of Conservation Writers. She has been writing about the western landscape and leading creative retreats for twenty-two years.

Forthcoming works include essays and poems in WAVES: A Confluence of Women's Voices (Room of Her Own Foundation, 2019). A recipient of two Literary Fellowships from the Wyoming Arts Council, Page designs and teaches graduate writing courses for the University of Denver’s Professional Creative Writing Master’s Program. She writes the popular blog All Things Literary/All Things Natural from her mountain home west of Denver, Colorado. 

Her upcoming adventures include the 2019 "Wyoming Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat," the 2019 Utah "River Writing & Sculpting Journey" on the Colorado River, the 2019 “Santa Fe & Taos Sojourn: Sacred Lands, Sacred Words, Sacred Art, and the 2020 "Peru: Weaving Words & Women" retreat through the Sacred Valley and the ruins of Machu Picchu. More information here.


June, 2019. Casper Star Tribune features 45th annual Wyoming Writers, Inc. Conference.  The Wyoming Writers, Inc., 45th Annual Writers Conference features keynote speaker novelist and short story writer Brad Watson, as well as sessions with Page Lambert, who was featured in Oprah's O magazine for one of her retreats, and ️National Poetry Slam champion & TED Talk presenter Jovan Mays, novelists Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant and nonfiction author. The conference offers opportunities to learn about writing and publishing, be critiqued by peers and professionals, pitch stories to agents and editors and read work at an open mic. The conference is June 7-9 in Laramie, Wyoming. More information here.


May, 2019. The Light Shines from the West wins national award. The Independent Press announces their 2019 book awards. Congratulations to Fulcrum Publishing, Bob Baron, Page Lambert, and the other contributing authors for winning the History/United States award category. “The history of a nation gives context to personal family stories, lending credence to oral histories and deeply rooted folklore,” writes Page Lambert in her chapter, “The rural American West.”


October 2018. Marcia Meier, Renata Golden, and Page Lambert spoke about and signed their new book, Unmasked: Women Write About Sex and Intimacy After Fifty at the Boulder Bookstore. This collection of essays and poetry is meant to bring sex after fifty for women into the open, to proclaim that it is important, it is natural and healthy and, for some women, it is absolutely necessary. Unmasked will surprise, inform, and encourage all women of a certain age to (re)discover their sexuality. Learn more.




July 2018. Memoir Magazine selects “Deerstalking: Contemplating an Old Tradition by Page Lambert as a finalist in their #GUNS AND PEOPLE essay contest. “That’s his heart,” they said, needing no answer.  It was warm in my hands, the pulsating memory still strong.  I had never seen blood so red, not even my own.”

Read the essay and other selections here.




April 2018. Fulcrum Publishes releases The Light Shines from the West: A Western Perspective on the growth of America. Page Lambert writes, "When Bob Baron, who founded Fulcrum Publishing more than thirty years ago, asked me to write a chapter on the rural American West for Fulcrum’s new book, The Light Shines from the West, I knew that I wanted to start with the New Madrid Earthquakes… I felt an intimate connection with the New Madrid Earthquakes not just because of family history, but because of novel-writing history. What cultural upheaval, I had wondered, would cause my protagonist’s Cherokee ancestors to leave their village near the canebrake swampland of the Mississippi River? What made them head west into the setting sun, and into the heartland of the novel I was writing?” Read more.



February, 2017. News from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT THE AMERICAN WEST? Forthcoming March 2018 from Fulcrum Publishing, The Light Shines from the West, is a highly anticipated book about the complex history of America's westward development from 1820 to 2020. This promises to be a valuable reference book for anyone researching the West. Included in the book is a chapter on “The Rural West” written by RMFW member Page Lambert.


November, 2017. Susan Shain and The Write Life feature “On the River of Discovery” as one of the top, incredible writing retreats of 2018. “Let life on the Green River inspire your writing on this women’s retreat, which takes place August 27 to September 1, 2018. You’ll spend six days floating through Utah’s majestic canyons, going on guided hikes and writing under the guidance of Page Lambert and featured guest artist Roxanne Swentzell — all while sleeping under the stars each night.” Complete details.


October 2017: Writing Wyoming: Words, Wind and Everything Else Wyoming, explores writing through fear. “Not long ago, I found myself in an email conversation with Page Lambert, author of In Search of Kinship and Shifting Stars. I confessed how I struggle to write through fear. No matter how many times I may hear the virtues of "shitty first drafts," I worry that my writing will not be good enough. Here's what Page had to say….”  Read more


April 29, 2017: The Auditorium at Where the Books Go: Bringing Together the Literary, Performing, and Visual Arts. Mad Blood joins with Evergreen Bookstore to bring artists and writers to this local venue. On April 29th, National Book Award Winner Aaron Abeyta, and storyteller and essayist Page Lambert, will be performing. Professor Abeyta, the author of four collections of poetry and one novel, was awarded a Colorado Council on the Arts Fellowship for poetry, and was recently named a 2017 Governor's Leadership Award recipient. Page Lambert has been awarded two literary fellowships from the Wyoming Arts Council (in prose and poetry), and designs and teaches graduate creative writing courses for the University of Denver/University College. The event starts at 7:00 pm ($10 recommended donation). Details HERE.



January, 2017. Susan Shain and The Write Life feature the “Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat” as one of the top "31 incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2017." The 2017 event is sold out, click HERE to learn more about this 6-day, Wyoming horseback writing retreat, a unique adventure for anyone who yearns for nature, longs to reconnect with horses, and hungers for creative inspiration in an authentic western ranch setting.




Summer/Fall 2016.  Sojourns: Landscapes for the People (official publication of the Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons Association) celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service in this centennial issue.  The editors reached out to Page Lambert and asked her to craft an essay. “Mother Tongue, Heartbeat of the Land” was the result.  “I've been reading nature writers for most of my 93 years on the planet but the first seven paragraphs of your Mother Tongue essay in the current Sojourns is the most profoundly moving bit of writing I have ever read......” Marcel Rodriguez, Utah.  Read more about Sojourns magazine here.



February, 2016. NEA’s United States of Arts. People from across the country share their stories about how the arts are important to them. Since the beginning of 2015, the National Endowment for the Arts has been gathering stories from the general public and grantees, elected officials and agency directors, artists and art lovers across the country about the importance of art in their lives and their communities. You can find the stories in text, audio, or video formats. Click on Colorado to view Page Lambert’s story, or click on any state or territory on the map to see a story from that location. If you have an arts experience that influenced your life, share your story here!



December 22, 2015. Susan Shain and The Write Life feature Page Lambert’s Peru, Weaving Words & Women Retreat with True Nature Journeys as one of the top "25 incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2016." Click HERE to learn more about this 12-day Sept/Oct retreat to Peru’s Sacred Valley and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu.





September 3, 2015. The Denver Post features Lambert as lead story in Lifestyles section: “Women writers connect with nature on river trips in the West” (by reporter Colleen O’Connor). “Page Lambert's first raft trip through the Grand Canyon changed her life. Even the danger didn't stop her. At the Lava Falls Rapid, considered the biggest and most scary, her raft shot into the air, and she plunged deep into the murky water. She surfaced, gasping for air, but the waves dragged her back down. Still, she persevered, and that night, ‘elated and grateful,’ she bonded with the crew over margaritas and steak.” Photo by Denver Post photographer Cyrus McCrimmon. Read Feature.



April 11, 2015.  Page Lambert awarded First Place in Colorado’s “Writers Studio Literary Festival” competition for an excerpt from her novel All the Water Yet to Come (a work-in-progress). The award includes a cash prize, publication in Progenitor Art and Literary Journal, and automatic nomination for a Pushcart Prize.  Judge’s comments: “These are novel chapters and rich in detail, fascinating elements of story. The language is lush enough at the beginning to propel a reader to continue.  It is a strangely multicultural mix of interesting language, breath, and an understanding of what a story needs to be, complete with image, feeling, and organized labor. The small section here makes a reader want the entire book.”  (Final Judge, Fiction, Linda Hogan)



FishtrapFebruary 24, 2015. Registration opens for Summer Fishtrap: A Gathering of Writers, a week of writing workshops, panel discussions, and evening readings for aspiring and established writers. Includes time to relax, write, hike, and fish. The 2015 gathering, Hidden from History: Stories We Haven’t Heard, Stories We Haven’t Told, features keynote speaker Timothy Egan and closing speaker Winona LaDuke. Page Lambert will be presenting the week-long workshop, “Deep Mapping the Narrative of Our Lives.”

“The secrets of a village can be read in the tombstones.  Entire cultures keep secrets. Midwives sometimes bury the truth. Mothers keep secrets, and fathers, and the nice teacher from third grade. Even the dog doesn’t tell where he buries his bones. We all have secrets, and hidden treasures—bones that give structure to our life story, waiting to be fleshed out, imbued with heart.”

July 6-12th, 2015, Wallowa Lake and Retreat Center, Oregon.

Download brochure.
More at Fishtrap.Org.



Writing Community PanelOctober 18, 2014Writing communities was the topic that brought Susan Tweit (Walking Nature Home: A Life’s Journey), Kayann Short (A Bushel’s Worth: An EcoBiography), and Page Lambert, together for a panel at the recent Women Writing the West conference in Golden, Colorado. October 17th, Lambert and Tweit joined Julene Bair and Dawn Wink for the standing-room-only panel, Place as Character. Read Page’s October 31st blog post “At the Heart of Place” for more.


Tracks SeminarSeptember 13, 2014. Platinum Expressions hosted Page Lambert at the base of beautiful Mount Sopris for a one-day seminar, TRACKS: How Stories Give Shape to Our Lives. “Nature, the original storyteller,” Page reminded the group, “has been leaving tracks, telling stories, since time immemorial. Why should telling our stories be any different?” Platinum Expressions, a creative women’s group in Carbondale, Colorado started by Shari Nova, has monthly events designed to inspire and invigorate women from all walks of life, but who have reached those wiser years of life. Click on Page’s Workshops & Speaking link to learn more about the topics Page enjoys speaking on.


June 27, 2014. Page Lambert speaks June 27th during NOMAD, UNTITLED #68, the Denver Art Museum’s “Final Fridays” summer event. Join Page Lambert in front of Roxanne Swentzell's monumental sculpture Mud Woman Rolls On (3rd floor, Denver Art Museum, North Building) as Page unearths the story of how her epic ode to Denver “The Whisper of the Land” came to be ensconced in the heart of Mud Woman. She'll be speaking for about 20 minutes at 7:45pm, and again at 8:45pm. The museum will be giving away a scrolled gift-version of the poem.


Spirited WomenApril 22, 2014.  Spirited Women Pick List. "Wow. Wow. Wow. I am so excited. We just announced our Spirited Woman Top 12 Spring Pick List! It is filled with phenomenal women who will help you expand your horizons. I urge you to support them and I am thrilled that Page Lambert is on the list. Talk about a spirited woman. She is out there changing the world and offering women fabulous adventure retreats to change their world. Kudos to you, Page.” Nancy Mills, The Spirited Woman.


Watch 60-second interview with Page.
November 15, 2013. Celebrate Women of Jefferson County. Twelfth year. Twelve women. Author and community leader Page Lambert was one of twelve women community leaders honored in Jefferson County, Colorado, during the West Chamber’s “Celebrate Women.” More than 400 people attended the event held at the Denver Marriott West. It’s good to see the literary arts recognized in such a significant way! Learn more about the 12 women honorees.

Bloomberg Review

July 12, 2013. The Bloomsbury Review features Laura Pritchett and Page Lambert in Conversation. The West is defined, in large part, by the natural world—there is simply too much open space to be ignored, either in life or in literature. With that come the trials of living in a world imbued with the forces of the environment—wildfire, for example. As Page Lambert and Laura Pritchett put together this conversation, Laura was being evacuated and the plumes of smoke from the high Park fire were dropping ash onto Page’s mountain home. It’s no wonder, then, that these two authors both focus on the role of place, but in ways that defy “nature-writing” stereotypes and may surprise you. The Bloomsbury Review is now in its fourth decade of lively writing about great authors, books, and publishers that fly under the radar of mainstream book-review media. Subscribe to The Bloomsbury Review. Download PDF - “Place Lives & Breathes: Page Lambert & Laura Pritchett in Conversation.”


HuffpostMay 17, 2013.  Huffington Post 50 Fiction series features Lambert’s short story “The Widow of Loreto.”  Last April, Huff/Post’s 50 editor Rita Wilson announced that they were seeking short-story submissions  from their readers. “We believe storytelling is a powerful art form and tool for self-expression, and we have a feeling there’s a lot of hidden writing talent among our audience just waiting to be discovered.” Page’s story “The Widow of Loreto” is excerpted from her novel-in-progress The Exquisite Passion. Read story.


CALMay 7, 2013. Colorado Authors’ League “BLOG OF THE YEAR AWARD” goes to Page Lambert’s blog All Things Literary. All Things Natural. The judges’ comments included this: “The author picks topics that would interest any serious reader or author and melds them with her own well-written analyses and thoughts. And it’s sprinkled with images that complement the writing.” Author Peter Heller headlined this year’s annual Spring Banquet. Read more.


Lisa Couturierr

April 27, 2013. Casper Star Tribune’s LIVE WELL section features Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat. Call it summer camp adults. A week away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life may be the cure to the summertime blues. In addition to guided activities -- such as yoga, horseback riding and meditation -- retreats often provide time for self-reflection and fellowship. Read more. Photo by Gary Caskey Photography.





Great Books for Horse Lovers

April 27, 2013. Great Books for Horse Lovers features the Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, and Lambert’s essay "The X-Chromosome: Tracing the Heart of Your Story." Since the first wild herd galloped over the horizon, since the first brave and trusting muzzle reached out to touch a human hand, people have told stories about extraordinary horses. This week’s guest blog post is by Page Lambert. Read more.


Redroom blogApril 3, 2013. Red Room: Where The Writers Are features Page Lambert and blogging about nature in the Red Letter. “I was talking to Red Room author Page Lambert recently about her memoir of moving with her family out of the city to a difficult but more meaningful life on a Wyoming ranch, and the outdoor-based writing retreats she runs as a result,” said senior editor Huntington Smith. Read more.



Albiqui retreat April 2, 2013. A Room of Her Own Foundation (AROHO) awards the Wise Woman Fellowship to Page Lambert. Page will be attending the AROHO August 12-18, 2013 retreat for women writers and artists held at the Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, New Mexico, the landscape that inspired artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Page will also be conducting a limited number of private, book doctoring consultations. Writers must sign up for these in advance. Click here for more information about the retreat, participating writers, etc.


Page in Ramscale, NY March 17, 2013. Page Lambert and Cara Lopez Lee present Sunday Salon for the Denver Women’s Press Club.

Cara Lopez Lee, author of They Only Eat Their Husbands: Alaskan Love, World Travel, and the Power of Running Away, joins up with author Page Lambert from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m., Sunday March 17th for The Memoir Mansion: Truth Dwells in Many Rooms. It's easy to wander from room to room when writing memoir, from fact in the family room, to memory in the nursery, to fiction in the kitchen. But a building full of random rooms does not a house make, and yes, some stories should be kept in the attic. Join this "off the wall" salon with two accomplished memoirists. Details at Denver Women’s Press Club or contact Page.


November 11, 2012. Pulitzer prize-winning author Junot Diaz, recent recipient of a $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship, gives talk at Denver’s Lighthouse Writers.

“These are holy moments, a sacred communion,” Junot Diaz said, referring to the brief time he was about to spend with dozens of people crowded into the lower-level grotto of the Lighthouse Writers historic Denver brownstone. “Trust is essential in the teaching process.” Impressed by Diaz’s genius, Page was equally impressed with his authenticity. Contact Page if you would like a copy of her notes from his talk. Photo by Keith Hood.



November 4, 2012. WRITING FOR PEACE posts “No Man’s Land” essay by Writing for Peace Advisor Page Lambert.

Writing for PeaceThrough education and creative writing, Writing for Peace seeks to cultivate the empathy that allows minds to open to new cultural views, to value the differences as well as the hopes and dreams that unite all of humanity. Essay excerpt: “In 1905, Picasso arrived in Paris, Albert Einstein formulated the Theory of Relativity, Germany and Russia signed the Treaty of Bjorko, and during the spring equinox of that same year, Jules Verne – author of Around the World in 80 Days – died at the age of seventy-seven. Seventy-two years later, also on the spring equinox, my father would die at the age of seventy-nine.” Read complete essay.


October 19-24, 2012. 18th Annual Women Writing the West Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Susan Tweit gives keynote on “Writing with Heart,” Anne Hillerman speaks on what she learned about “Women and the West from Tony Hillerman, Lambert presents “The Yearning Factor” workshop, Laurie Wagner Buyer and Dawn Wink present “Will This Book Ever be Published,” and more.





May 8, 2012. Colorado Authors League Literary Award Winners announced at Annual Banquet.

2012 CAL Award WinnersPage Lambert received the Best Adult Essay of the Year Award from the Colorado Authors’ League for “A Shape-Shifting Land” (published in West of 98: Living and Writing the American West, University of Texas Press, 2011). The judges commented that the essay “…has a seductive, languid rhythm that draws the reader into a realm of beautiful imagery.” You may download the essay from the BOOK page on her website. Featured in the photo are CAL Award Winners, (l-r) Page Lambert, Caroline Dow, J.B. Winsor, Joy Overbeck and Sandy Welchel. Not shown: Kathleen T. Pelley, Constance E. Boyle, and Kathy and Ron Hendricks. Complete information on the other winners.



April 9, 2012. Janet Rodgers, FORBES travel writer, features LITERATURE & LANDSCAPE OF THE HORSE retreat led by Page Lambert and Sheri Griffith.

A Week On An Authentic Wyoming Ranch - Reading, Writing and Riding. Hankerin’ for a creative, outdoor adventure this summer right here in the U.S.? The historic landmark Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Wyoming (2 ½ hours from Denver) beckons. Authentic ranch is framed by the Snowy Range Mountains, pasturelands with real cattle, and cabins dotting the shore along the Little Laramie River. Open to those at any level of writing and riding skills, Page Lambert, award-winning author and writing coach, and Sheri Griffith, legendary sportswoman/ adventurer, invite you for one unique week, June 2 – June 7, 2012. “Through the Eyes of the Horse – Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat” will surely rekindle even the most dormant of creative fires. Learn what horsemanship can teach us about our own natural instincts instead of relying only on the intellect. Read more.



April 4, 2012: Writing for Peace announces Advisory Panel.

Writing for Peace, a Colorado nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating cultural empathy through education and creative writing, welcomes Page Lambert, Jennifer Davis, Veronica Golos, Sam Hamell, and Vicki Lindner, to our Advisory Panel. “Page is an extraordinary writer, educator, coach and activist, and we are thrilled to have her on board.” Co-founder, Carmel Mawle. Learn more about the Advisory Panel, Writing for Peace Mission, Young Writers Contest, and starting a Writing for Peace Youth Club.



November 15, 2011. Feminist Luncheon, Denver, Colorado.

Hosted by Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame 2010 inductee Elinor Miller Greenberg, Ed.D. Page spoke at this monthly gathering of highly educated and politically involved women and found them to be “very moved” by the stories she shared, many of which were not hers but written by authors who have contributed valuable but perhaps not as well known works, such as In Place: Stories of Landscape & Identity from the American West, written by folklorist Barbara Allen Bogart and published by High Plains Press. Luncheon host Elinor Greenberg is an educational innovator, theorist, and writer who impacts education, civil rights, and women’s rights locally, nationally, and internationally.



November 7, 2011. WEST OF 98: Living and Writing the New American West– book signing and panel discussion presented by The Rocky Mountain Land Series and The Tattered Cover Bookstore. Denver, Colorado.

On Monday, November 7th at 7:30 pm, the co-editor of the new anthology WEST OF 98, Russell Rowland, will be joined by contributors Page Lambert, Stephen Graham Jones, and Laura Pritchett for a reading and discussion at Denver's LoDo Tattered Cover (1628 16th Street). The essays and poetry in WEST OF 98 explore what it means to be a westerner today and how they see the Western identity evolving. List of contributors reads like a "Who's Who" and includes writers from every state West of the Mississippi, including Larry McMurtry, Louise Erdrich, William Kittredge, Maxine Hong Kingston, Barry Lopez, Ursula Le Guin, Page Stegner, Ron Carlson, Rick Bass, and more. ALONE IN THE WEST? Read more about the essays by Laura Pritchett, Kim Barnes, and Page Lambert at



September 24, 2011. Page Lambert to present “Finding Your NATURAL Voice—Yes, You Are a Part of Nature!” an emersion workshop during CampExperience’s weekend retreat at Copper Mountain Resort.

CampExperience™ was created for successful women interested in building their lives, careers and connections. It provides busy women a reprieve from their everyday lives, and an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and their peers. Page’s two-hour workshop will explore our relationship with the natural world and how that influences our relationships with our bodies.  “We enter this world as sensate beings,” writes Page, “as natural to nature as the wind in the trees. As babies, we sink our toes into mud and bury our hands into sand, delighted by the immersion. What happens to change this? How do we turn from wild creatures into mall queens and dilettantes? What happens when we turn away from what is wild within us? What happens to our daughters when they turn away from themselves?”  Details: Finding Your Natural Voice with Page Lambert



Richard Louv's booksJune 8, 2011. Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, appeared at the Denver Tattered Cover to read and sign from his new book, The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder (Algonquin Books, 2011).  Louv is founding chairman of the Children & Nature Network, an organization helping build the movement to connect today's children and future generations to the natural world. Louv coined the term Nature-Deficit Disorder™ which has become the defining phrase of this important issue.  In this new book, Louv refers to Page Lambert (Senior Associate), as one of The New Agrarians), struggling against “those who blame small family farms and ranches for the bad conservation ethics of corporate agriculture” (see p. 272-273).  Booklist’s starred review of The Nature Principle praises it for “celebrating and protecting the living world” and marking “the way to profound personal and cultural transformation."



April 30, 2011. Page Lambert to present at the 5th Annual Writer’s Studio Spring Literary Festival

Writer's StudioSaturday, April 30, 8:30am-3:30pm, Half Moon Arapahoe Community College Main Building, Littleton, Colorado. “In our ongoing quest to provide students and the communities southwest of downtown Denver access to the best writers in Colorado through literary events and readings, Writers Studio is happy to announce its fifth annual Spring Literary Festival.”

Festival faculty includes Page Lambert presenting the nonfiction workshop; Robert Greer the fiction workshop; Carol Guerrero-Murphy the poetry workshop; and Will Hobbs the young adult writing workshop. Virginia-resident Mary Crockett Hill, winner of the 2008 Autumn House Poetry Prize, will also be presenting. Literary Festival Details.



April 9, 2011. Page Lambert working with American Indian Artist Roxanne Swentzell at the Denver Art Museum

AIAGallery posterThe Denver Art Museum will be hosting American Indian Artist Roxanne Swentzell, who is currently creating a large-scale work for their new American Indian galleries called Mud Woman Rolls On. At this teachers’ workshop, you’ll gain insight into her creative process and learn about her unique art making techniques. Special guest, author Page Lambert, will share her insights on nurturing creativity and will guide an exploration of integrating visual and language arts. Rox & Page workshop details. Download Page Lambert’s essay, “Whisper of the Land & Mud Woman Rolls On.”

Artists and writer are also welcome to register. Note: Roxanne was Page’s featured guest on Page’s River Writing & Sculpting Journeys in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Musician Consuelo Luz is Page’s featured musician for the 2011 RiverWriting & StoneSinging Journey.



Page Lambert to Judge Nonfiction Competition for the 6th Annual Arapahoe Community College Writers Studio Literary Contest Deadline to Enter: February 1, 2011.

quill penWriters Studio runs a yearly literary contest in fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.* All entries are read by preliminary judges. The finalists for each category are sent to outside judges. Winners in each category receive $250, plus publication in the national literary journal  Many Mountains Moving, and invitation to be our distinguished guests at our Spring Literary Festival on April 30, 2011, where they will read their winning pieces. Second place winners are also invited to attend the festival as our guests. Contest is open to ACC students, faculty and the Colorado community.

This year, the literary contest will offer a special "Colorado Community College Student Track” which is only open to registered Colorado Community College students. The winner of this multi-genre track will also receive a $75 cash prize, publication in Many Mountains Moving, and invitation to the Spring Literary Festival.

This year's contest judges for the contest are Page Lambert (Nonfiction), Carol Guerrereo-Murphy (Poetry), and Robert Greer(Fiction). More Information



July 5, 2010. ORION MAGAZINE: The Place Where You Live features Lambert’s essay on her home in Colorado, “One Hundred Years of Living Mountain Green, Twenty Minutes from Denver.”


Mt. Vernon. I’ve been rooted to these words for fifty years. The homes in this small mountain community, nestled in a mixed ponderosa pine forest, started as summer cabins. Narrow dirt roads wind in and out of the trees, and wildlife corridors still meander between the houses. Instead of a hundred homes sitting on 10-acre plots, leaving no open space, our homes are clustered on 200 acres, leaving nearly a 1000 acres of land as communal, natural habitat. From my neighbors’ decks, you can look east over Denver to the Great Plains, or west to the peaks of the Continental Divide. Read complete essay.





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Fall 2016 Newsletter

A milestone can offer time to reflect on the past and time to envision the future.  I live in a community where my neighbors are just a "stone's throw away."  I like to think that we all live in a country where hope is just around the bend. Read “Celebrating Milestones” in the Fall, 2016 newsletter.


January 2016 Newsletter

Alas, another year has drawn to a close and, once again, I bit off more than I could chew. Maybe there's still time for a morsel - a tiny taste of the review books stacked on my desk. They've come to me by hook or by crook, by pony express and snail mail, but I must still beg forgiveness from the authors and publishers who sent them.  Read “The Man Who Loves Butterflies and Other Loose Ends” in the January 2016 newsletter.


Glenn Jacobs Photography (used with permission)

December 2015 Newsletter

When I saw this photo by Glenn Jacobs, I immediately thought of my Arab gelding Farside, and of all the peaceful moments we had shared. I thought of the Colorado mountains that had become Farside's home, and of the rippling Arabian sands of his ancestors.  Read more in the December, 2015 newsletter.


Hawaii Lotus

August 2015 Newsletter

I can picture Edie's spirit visiting the Aloha land of sweet-scented flowers soon, floating on the scent of jasmine and lilies. What will we do, I wonder, when all the elders are gone? When we ourselves must become the Sun around which others orbit? Read more in the August, 2015 newsletter.


April 2015 Newsletter

Ben Masters writes in the Introduction of Unbranded that the idea to travel 3000 miles with 3 other men and 16 just-broke mustangs across the American West, from the edge of Mexico to the border of Canada, actually started at Texas A&M University with cheap tequila and greasy enchiladas.  Read more in the April newsletter from Nature & Words.


Whidbey Island

December 2014 Newsletter

When my sister and I told our beautiful Hungarian stepmother that we would honor her request to wait to scatter our father's ashes until she also passed away, we didn't realize "Dad" would be sitting on the bookshelf for 17 years.  We also didn't realize that when she passed, the sense of grief would be twofold.  Read more in the December newsletter from Nature & Words.


Cherokee Word for Water

September 2014 Newsletter

The featured video We Shall Remain, and the film trailer The Cherokee Word for Water, share a modern message of resilience and dignity founded on ancient traditions, much like poet Pablo Neruda talks about in his canto “The Heights of Macchu Picchu.”  Read more in the September, Fall newsletter from Nature & Words. 


Big Chief Tablet

July 2014 Newsletter

My father fished like he wrote - with simple equipment. A Big Chief tablet and a pencil, an old bamboo rod, an old fishing vest with the same set of clippers hanging from it, maybe a few nymphs and wooly worms (or whatever was hatching), the same old creel, same old green net.   But as far as I knew, my father had never fished Japanese tenkara style, at least not since a boy fishing with stick and string.  Read more in the March Newsletter. 



March 2014 Newsletter

John and I were watching a rerun episode of the Big Bang Theory the other night when Sheldon disappeared into a basement room, locked the door, took out a Hacky sack, and challenged himself to a game of footbag. "I wonder if my friend Greg has seen this episode," I said, laughing at Sheldon's secret pastime.  Greg Cortopassi, a professional photographer and catalyst for inspired living, was once a Footbag champion and the sport’s national spokesperson. Read more in the March newsletter.


jan newsletter

January 2014 Newsletter

How do we transform our creative visions into artistic expressions? How does the intellect imagine form, and then breathe life into it, animating it, imbuing it with spirit?  What magic ingredient gives one story the deep resonance of soul, while another lies limply on the page?  I explore this idea, and more, in my January 2014 newsletter, “Spinning Gold: The Magical Roots of Creativity.”


November 2013 Newsletter

I recently immersed myself in the waters of two powerful novels, and now I am thinking about oceans. Fathoms deep. Wide as the sky, unknowable watery gateways to the deepest mysteries. I am thinking of pirates and fishermen and tsunamis and sixteen-year-old Japanese girls. Read about A Tale for the Time Being and When Captain Flint Was Still A Good Man, and much more, in my November fall newsletter (image credit: Ruth Ozeki).


Orion, The Larch

July 2013 Newsletter

We should all love a place as deeply as nature writer Rick Bass loves the Yaak Valley - sink to our knees awed by the splendor. And we should all grieve the places we’ve lost as much as does the main character in Peter Heller’s breathtaking novel The Dog Stars. This, and more, in Page’s Summer newsletter.


May2013 Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter

Cowboys, Indians and the West: Frozen in Time. Do all westerners walk with one foot anchored in the past? Where exactly does the past meet the present? Page explores this question through several different lenses, including Diné photographer Will Wilson’s antique tin type photography.


March 2013 Newsletter

Once in my day dreams, a Basque woman with Cherokee blood came to me. Her voice pulled me like an undercurrent. "My name is Selu Ama Martone Naciente," she said. " I am an old woman living above an old river. My mother called me the Water Carrier." Selu has been in my dreams ever since… READ MORE


December Newsletter

Holy Places. Each Christmas, I reminisce about the trip in 1965 when my family's travels took us to Jordan, Turkey and Jerusalem. I was only 13; my older sister was 15...


SweetWater Cabin

Fall Newsletter

EVEN THE WIMPIEST WRITERS I know have wild streaks coursing through their veins. Brave dreams. Heroic visions. Unfettered passions. Wild ideas. So I've wrapped this Fall Newsletter around the whole WILD theme and made a very public confession about the 400 pages of journaling I wrote while at this cabin on the edge of Wyoming’s Cloud Peak Wilderness area 9 years ago.


September 2012

The night Tom gathered us in a circle at the river’s edge and told us of the attack, we held hands and sang, our quavering voices rising above the roar of the river. It was communal, and primal, and prayerful, and natural - our beseeching voices rising to the heavens as we created song out of sadness, and gave voice to Spirit.

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August 3, 2012
Publishing Experts Interview Lambert

Lisa Shultz, author of 8 Strategies for an Extraordinary Life, talks to Page about traditional publishing, author branding, and weaving nature themes into your writing. Read Interview.


March 13, 2012, The Denver Post
features Page Lambert

The Denver Post features Colorado people of interest. For those who yearn to map their own place in the world, Page teaches workshops on finding the connections between self and the natural world.
Read Meet ... Page Lambert - The Denver Post Online Or Download/print PDF of the article.


December 1, 2011. LAMBERT and PICHASKE accept advisory board positions.

Rural Lit RALLY (Buffalo State College, NY) is proud to announce that Page Lambert and Dr. David Pichaske will join the Advisory Board of Rural Lit RALLY. Both have been strongly supportive of the initiative in multiple ways, and we are honored that they have accepted our invitation to continue that work in a more formal capacity. Read complete RLR news release.

November 8, 2011. Wyoming Governor Mead appoints Sundance rancher and poet Pat Frolander new Poet Laureate.

Patricia’s poetry has been published in numerous anthologies, including "American Life in Poetry (Column 275)" by Ted Kooser, former U.S. Poet Laureate. She won Wyoming’s 2011 Neltje Blanchan Award. Her book, Married Into It, was just published by High Plains Press. Page and Pat were ranching neighbors for 18 years. “Lynx at dawn. Old stallions. Tangles brome. Ground too hard for graves. Friendships too deep for words. The world needs these deeply rooted poems. Read them first as you would a fine novel. Then read them again, as you would a prayer.” Page on Grasslands. Read Casper Star-Tribune article.

August 22, 2011. Rural Lit R.A.L.L.Y. selects Page Lambert for Inaugural Author Interview.

Dr. Paul Theobald, Dean of the School of Education, Buffalo State College, New York, is passionate about celebrating rural literature to help build vibrant communities. Rural Lit R.A.L.L.Y is his latest endeavor. Read interview with Page Lambert.

August 12, 2010. Eliza Cross, author of Family Home of the New West and the newly released Cooking with Bacon, profiles Page Lambert in her latest Q&A interview.“ Nature is a running theme in your projects,” asks EC. “ What advice do you have for writers who want to incorporate more elements from nature in their writing?” Read interview Photo taken during August 12, 2010 Pilgrimage reading at the Boulder Book Store.

Richard Louv at Tattered Cover Bookstore

June 8, 2011 Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, Rocky Mountain Land Series, Richard Louv, reading and signing The Nature Principle (standing to Louv’s left, author Page Lambert).

2011 Tribune Article

February 19, 2011 Wyoming Tribune Eagle