Writing & Coaching Services

"I highly recommend you talk with Page Lambert. She is not only delightful, but she's an award winning author and writing coach and she really knows her stuff. If you're serious about getting published, you must, I repeat, must talk with Page."

-- ZJ Czupor, Principal/Owner, The InterPro Group, Denver, Colorado


Services Include:  
• Career Coaching • Help with Submissions & Marketing
• Manuscript Editing • Workshop Presentations
• Book Doctoring • Corporate Literature
• Project Critique and Guidance • Business Communications

Contact Page to set up a complimentary, half-hour consultation.


Coaching and Career Development

Is there a story inside of you? A passionate idea yearning to find its way onto the pages of a book? But you don’t know where to start? Or you’ve started but can’t finish? Lost your confidence? Need someone to light a fire under you while still understanding the challenges you face?

Learning to “think” like a writer and to view the world through the “eyes” of a writer makes all the difference. It’s what successful writers do, and what writing coaches recognize as a key element in the journey toward publication. A good coach gives you honest, experienced guidance (learned in the trenches), cheers you on when times get tough, provides step-by-step practical advice, is up-to-date on the industry, and most of all, believes in the story you want to tell.

"Page Lambert is that rare writer who teaches not only through the quality of her prose, but just as importantly, through her ability to kindle the inherent creativity of her students. I highly recommend her."- Gary Ferguson, teacher, speaker, and best-selling author of numerous books, including Decade of the Wolf, The Great Divide, and Hawks Rest.

Fees for Coaching Services

Private Writing and Coaching Retreats

Work with Page, one-on-one, in her Colorado mountain home near Denver.
Mt. Vernon Writing Retreats.

Client Comments (click Endorsements to read more)

"I met Page at a workshop in New Mexico and was immediately drawn to her vivid, lyrical writing style and warm spirit. Page is the perfect combination of talented writer and sensitive, skilled teacher. I brought home new chapters of my novel, valuable tips for my writing and a promise to myself to return, which I did, working one-on-one with her for 5 days."  - Heloise Jones, North Carolina

“Page, Thanks for your help. Yesterday's meeting helped shape my future.” Mike C., Denver, Colorado

“Your two presentations, and our conversation, helped me reconnect with my deeper self, my more authentic self. You, dear one, were the catalyst that split me wide open. I thank you for that. So very much. A couple of weeks later, I attended a talk by Terry Tempest Williams. The two of you just electrified me into action.” Jean McBride, Two Old Horses and Me blog

"Page, fantastic work with your review and suggestions! As always, you are professional and thorough with your insightful comments. I'm very impressed and energized with your suggestions….I thought your session at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium meeting in San Diego was outstanding. Miigwech (Thank you) for your assistance!" Dan King, President, Red Lake Nation College.

A Note from Page about Critique Groups

I urge you to join a nurturing but serious critique group. By serious, I don't mean exclusive or without humor, but a group whose members read and appreciate good literature and who strive toward excellence in their own work.

Find a group whose core mission it is to inspire writers to write, and whose members offer advice that will help you identify and hone your writing voice. When you critique the work of others, be gracious but not bland.

And of course, READ READ READ. Read what is better than what you aspire to write. Embrace with an open heart the work of others and you will find your own work equally embraced.

Yet there comes a time when your project needs the objective eye of a editor or coach who can look at the work in its entirety and whose perspective is not clouded from reading earlier drafts. When you feel you have polished your work as much as you're able, when your fellow writers have offered all the advice they can, it might be time to invest in professional editing services.



Fees for Editing/Book Doctoring Services

  • calculated by the hour, page, or project

Shorter Projects Include

  • short stories and poetry
  • query letters to agents/editors
  • book synopsis fiction/nonfiction
  • single chapters
  • flat rate fee of $72.00/hr

Longer Projects Include

  • book proposals
  • submission packets
  • novels/short story collections
  • memoir/narrative nonfiction
  • poetry collections
  • per project rate range $350 to $3500
    • work's thematic statement
    • overall structure
    • overarching story line
    • sense of place
    • characters and characterization
    • points-of-view
    • dialogue
    • plot development
    • syntax, diction, metaphor, imagery

From Rough Draft to Finished Manuscript

  • nonfiction or fiction
    • includes project guidance
    • research guidance
    • project management
    • substantive critiques
    • line editing and formatting
    • final manuscript evaluation
    • follow-up consultation
    • flat rate fee $6.50 per page (250 words/pg)
    • Additional revisions $72.00 hr.

Fees for Marketing Services

Page is not a book publicist or PR specialist, but does occasionally consult with authors regarding marketing strategies.  These services are billed at a $100 per hour and require a minimum $300 retainer. 

A Note from Page about Retainers

Payment of a retainer ensures that we are both committed to your project.  After our initial, complimentary consultation, we will decide what size retainer is required.

Once your retainer is received, I will schedule your project and give it the priority it deserves.  You will receive an itemized retainer statement and consultation log with extensive notes for all services performed. Your retainer, until “earned,” is kept in a separate account and if at anytime we decide not to continue working with each other, the unused portion of the retainer will be returned.

Larger projects usually require a retainer between $500 to $1,000. Smaller projects are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Please send the retainer with the manuscript, either by personal check, or online. PayPal securely processes payments for Page Lambert’s retreats, workshops, and writing services.

Thank you.

Contact Page to set up a complimentary, half-hour consultation.