“Page Lambert is our go-to gal for all trips literate in the American west.” Janet Rodgers, Solo Lady Travelista "I was deeply touched by your article and mesmerized by your writing. I will be a regular reader of your blog--an uplifting way to balance the morning after reading The New York Times." Joan Savage, Golden “Page, fantastic work with your review and suggestions! As always, you are professional and thorough with your insightful comments. I'm very impressed and energized with your suggestions….I thought your session at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium meeting in San Diego was outstanding Miigwech (Thank you) for your assistance!” Dan King, President, Red Lake Nation College, 2010 AIHEC writing seminar, Redby, Minnesota “Page, how I love getting your notes. You are such a lamp and everything you do and write comes so directly from your heart. Thank you for all the love you spread.” Deborah O’Connor, artist and astrologer, owner Love Dog Design “Page you continue to share your talents and inspire in a very positive way! Keep up the terrific and powerful healing work that you give so generously to others! Thanks again for including me in you life and you go girl!” Barb Magi, 2005 River Writing Journey guest, British Columbia “I attended one of your workshops in Cody in 2008 or 2007 … and it was by far the best workshop I had ever attended ... ever ... and the thing that has forever been engraved on my mind is a statement that you made wherein you said that ‘writers live life twice.’ I love that, as it targeted exactly where I am in my personal writing.” Shelagh Wisdom, editor, Wyo-Writer, Wyoming “Page, I just want to tell you how much your newsletter and all the things you are doing with your retreats and other business endeavors inspire me. Keep your beautiful energy flowing. You touch the hearts and creativity of more people than you may realize.” Rose Muenker, On the Road with David and Rose “Page, As always your heartfelt teachings, the beautiful intention of yours to guide us to better, deeper writing lives is an amazing and touching gift. Until I come together in a room with people like these incredible women, I don't realize how much I am, as a writer, also In Search of Kinship. It is so downright satisfying to be with these kindred spirits…. It is your energy, and your intent that draws us. So thank you…I can't wait to do it again.” Karen O’Connell, 2010 Writing Life In Living Color seminar Conifer, Colorado “Dear, dear Page, Thank you for the joy of our workshop with you--your exquisite teaching skills, the content and resources of your workshop, its focus, the delightful setting, and the hike and narrative about the splendor of the land. The company you keep--in literature and in workshops--nurtures the writing life. And your own writing is a lovely vista not unlike the one I aspire to create.” Carol Sullivan, 2010 Writing Life in Living Color seminar, Colorado “Thank you – Thank you! Page, it was such a perfectly wonderful workshop. The day and time to be with you, and "the girls" at Mount Vernon was a blessing. I am renewed in my writing aspirations... thanks for all your loving knowledge.” Camille Lione, 2010 Writing Life in Living Color seminar, Basalt, Colorado, “Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. It was well organized, covered a lot of important subjects, interesting, and fun. Great bunch of participants and the location was amazing. I am interested in working with you further.” Jean Vertefeuille, 2010 Writing Life In Living Color seminar, Colorado “I loved the Writing Seminar with Page Lambert! She was outstanding. I found her to be passionate and she was very inspiring to me. I truly appreciate that you offered this training for us. Page had a full group of people in her training session. I took advantage of the individual writing seminar offer that you provided and I met with Page one-on-one. I shared my writing project with Page and she gave me some good advice and encouragement.” Dan King, President, Red Lake Nation College “Your two presentations, and our conversation, helped me reconnect with my deeper self, my more authentic self. You, dear one, were the catalyst that split me wide open. I thank you for that. So very much. A couple of weeks later, I attended a talk by Terry Tempest Williams. The two of you just electrified me into action.” Jean McBride, Two Old Horses and Me blog “I just wanted to thank you for the river time. I keep thinking about that honoring of our elders, and how moving it was to see all that love shared. What a treat to have all that time on the river and under the stars. It's been great to go back to the writing you shared, and to re-read all the inspiring quotes. I'm attaching a poem I wrote from river time.” Annie, Westwater, ask her if you can share this “Thank you so very, very much for having introduced us to The River and Roxanne and Rose … it was truly a life-changing experience.” Fran Elliott, Westwater 2008, Sedona, Arizona “Page, thank YOU for another truly magnificent journey! I cannot thank you enough for making the river trip so memorable and simply for the opportunity to participate in something so amazing.” Stefanie Goebel, 2010 River Writing & Sculpting Journey, Mount Shasta, California “Roxanne has had an amazing impact on my life. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her and Rose on the raft trip. It was indeed, a time I hold dear to my heart. Thanks for making in all possible. Page.” Sue Habakuk, 2008 River Writing & Sculpting Journey, New Mexico “I can still remember and feel the bliss of floating along the river and being embraced by the canyon walls. It was a trip of a lifetime.” Carol Noones, 2009 River Writing & Sculpting Journey, New Mexico “I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Boston. One of the highlights of my trip was reading your book, In Search of Kinship. I found your descriptions of the western landscape to be downright stunning, as well as poetic. They stirred all of my senses and captured the texture of Wyoming life in fresh ways. Most of all, I found your writing to be inspiring and a great reminder as to why I set my novel in the magnificent Big Horns.” Pamela Kenney Basey, Denver, Colorado “Page, Thanks for your help. I believe yesterday's meeting helped shape my future.” Mike C., Denver, Colorado “Thanks for putting together the wonderful Vee Bar adventure for all of us. I immediately printed my photos and put them in an album, covered in denim!” Sue, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat, Sun Valley, Idaho “Thank you for all the love and energy and expertise you put into the retreat. I loved the experience on the ranch, with the horses, and in the circle of women - wonderful! In these days following the retreat I feel re-energized around my writing. That is probably the best gift of all.” Pat, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, Evergreen Colorado “I missed you all so much the minute I got on the plane it nearly broke my heart. I'll never forget my week at the ranch, and your kind heart that made it possible for all of us to know each other. Keep in touch when you can.” Cat (Catherine), 2010 horse retreat guest, Brookline, Massachusetts “It was wonderful getting to know you. My trip was one to remember and cherish forever. You are an amazing woman in so many ways, and it was certainly my good fortune to have had a few days with you.” Jenice, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Hors Retreat, Houston, Texas “Thank you for being so dedicated to enriching people's experience with both nature and writing! I thoroughly enjoyed that retreat and all it had to offer. I'm in a great place as I return to "the world." Jenny, 2010 horse retreat guest, Boulder, Colorado “A thank you does not equate to how grateful I am for all your encouragement, insight and support this past year. I am so appreciative!” Christy, 2010 coaching client, South Carolina “Thank you very much for a wonderful week at the Vee Bar—meeting such creative and dynamic women, being read to, and spending time in the open air riding horses—life does not get any better than that. It was a week of inspiration—a week to be cherished.” Kaye Roll, 2010 & 2011 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, CA “We talked a bit on the river bank about internal wells, and I feel like I filled up a whole bunch of them while I was there. The nature, the horses, the discussions about writing, the actual writing, and the women – all were great. I’m still riding on the happy buzz that the retreat created (and I’m still journaling about it too).” Lisa, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, Arlington, Virginia “My appreciation for you and the work you do is genuine. You have shared not only your gift for writing, but also your perceptions and insights. You have kept me going through this crazy last-minute project. Without your help I would have floundered long ago and talked myself out of doing it. Thank you for keeping me motivated by your encouragement and calm we can do this attitude. The THANK YOU I feel for what you have done to help me realize this dream is beyond my vocabulary.” Linda Sperber, 2010 editing and retreat client, Lakewood, Colorado “So many wonderful things happened because of your retreat---going to Wyoming and meeting you and Sheri, working on writing, working on "horse spirituality", having Kirk go to Wyoming to ride, and, last but not least, meeting and adopting sweet and patient Dakota. Thank you for your friendship, your encouragement, your thoughts and words and ways.” – Lisa Couturier, Maryland “I discovered Page’s award-winning writing today as I visited the website for "A Room of Her Own." She is clearly an amazing woman, as evidenced by the potent perspective she shares in her very beautiful writing. I was so moved by the piece I read today. Thank you, Page, for sharing yourself... and for being such a bright shining star ~ with such depth and emotion in the words you pour forth. May you continue to share more and more stories, and move many a heart as you go!” ~ Sharon Corsaro, creative coach, writer, freelance consultant “I've come to respect Page's expertise and insight. As one of the most joyful and creative people I know, Page has quickly become a trusted member of my circle of wise women. I can always count on her when I need to spill light across shadow. Page is as much a leader as she is a guide, always listening with compassion and perspective--not hasty judgment, always working toward solutions and options, always shining with fresh perspectives and valuable ideas. I look forward to learning more from her and with her in the years to come!" ~ Alexa Johnson, Denver, Senior Copywriter, Integro Insurance Brokers, Denver, Colorado “I first met Page Lambert in 2003 in the middle of a long road trip. I had stopped for a break in Sundance, Wyoming, where I met her by chance and started up what turned into a delightfully long conversation. To this day I remember that when I asked her what she did for a living, she told me, “I love to help women fall in love with themselves through their own words." And so she does. Go ahead and read her books, her blog, or better, yet, embrace one of her retreats. You’ll soon see she is an articulate, heart-felt woman who not only cares about people, but is invested in helping them see and express what is unique and worthwhile about themselves.” – Dan Kennedy, Career and Executive Coach, Kennedy & Company “Page Lambert is that rare writer who teaches not only through the quality of her prose, but just as importantly, through her ability to kindle (and ultimately, to render far more accessible), the inherent creativity of her students. I highly recommend her.” – Gary Ferguson, Montana author and teacher “I met Page at a workshop in New Mexico and was immediately drawn to her vivid, lyrical writing style, her generous sharing in her teaching, and her warm spirit. I signed up for her Equinox retreat the moment I heard about it. I was not disappointed. Page is the perfect combination of talented writer and sensitive, skilled teacher. I brought home new chapters of my novel, valuable tips for my writing and a promise to myself to return, which I did, working one-on-one with her for 5 days.” – Heloise Jones, North Carolina “I would highly recommend you talk with Page Lambert -- she's an award winning author and writing coach. She is not only delightful, but she really knows her stuff. If you're serious about getting published, you must, I repeat, must talk with Page.” – ZJ Czupor, InterPro Group, Colorado "As a writer, I am inspired by Page Lambert. Reading her blogs often reminds me of listening to music. Her tone and style are graceful and carry a melodic feeling. I always look forward to reading a new entry of hers in hopes of hearing a new editorial song. And, as her consulting client, her thoughtful attention to my business questions is more than helpful. In fact, with her help, I am embarking on a new direction not only in my work but in where to call "home". A big thank you to a wonderful guide and woman." – Christy Heady, freelance journalist and best-selling author of four books, including Buzz: How To Create it and Win with It, co-written with former NYC Mayor Edward Koch. "I love the idea of drawing on the beauty of the outdoors in honing my writing skills. I never feel as alive and alert as when I do when I am able to be in a place that is beautiful. I’m going through my own career transition, and feel this course will help me focus on the next steps, while also being lots of fun. The older I get, the more I appreciate my friendships with other women, and the more I realize how extraordinary many women are. I think many women share the same obstacles and gifts, and being able to share them provides its own inspiration. ~ Leigh Haber, Rodale Publishing (worked with Al Gore, Peter Jennings, Steve Martin, Alice Walker, etc.) “The time I spent at the horse retreat last year was very important. At that time, reconnecting with horses, finding my saddle seat again, and being with people who share my passion for compassionate companionship with animals was my primary focus and fed my soul deeply. I look forward to continuing building those relationships and riding skills this year, and to putting more of my energy into the writing aspect. Thanks for all you do, Page.” ~ Linda Sperber, Colorado "As a writer, I am inspired by Page Lambert. Reading her blogs often reminds me of listening to music. Her tone and style are graceful and carry a melodic feeling. I always look forward to reading a new entry of hers in hopes of hearing a new editorial song. And, as her consulting client, her thoughtful attention to my business questions is more than helpful. In fact, with her help, I am embarking on a new direction not only in my work but in where to call "home". A big thank you to a wonderful guide and woman." ~ Christy Heady, author, consultant, freelance journalist. "I loved everything about Page's Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat at the Vee Bar. I haven't felt as refreshed from a trip in years -- it just filled me up! It was truly was one of the top five vacations/retreats of my life!~ Lisa Couturier, author of The Hopes of Snake and Other Tales from the Urban Landscape “Any workshop or retreat with Page is an amazing experience. Her river trips and retreats are life-changing, combining much laughter and perhaps a few tears as you plumb your depths to write things you never thought you could. She brings out the best in you, and teaches you not only how-to, but can-do. I highly recommend anything that has Page as teacher.” – Phyllis Dugan, past president of Wyoming Writers “The Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat was a wonderful experience. I know it will enrich my writing, and my life. Thank you so very much!” – Elspeth Nairn, Minnesota "Page is a pleasure to work with. She's genuinely interested in helping her clients achieve their goals. The adventure trips she creates that combine writing with landscape and outdoor experiences are affordable, relaxing, and memorable. I have no hesitation recommending her and her services." – Lisa Jackson, New Hampshire “Page shared her home, her expertise, her friends and community. My week with her was incredible, in every way. I haven’t gotten into the rhythm of writing daily yet, but I learned to just keep writing – I have my voice. I learned to keep laughing. I learned not only to approach my stories from a point of gratitude, but also from a place of love.” ~ Virginia Wakefield, Wyoming “Page Lambert’s river writing trips provide a unique opportunity to examine, evaluate and energize both your work and life. Her love of western landscapes and respect for everyone attempting to understand, describe and preserve them are contagious. The adventures she shepherds spread insights and inspiration faster than tamarisk can invade a riverbank, and they’re fun.” ~ Sureva Towler, Colorado “The Literature and Landscape of the Horse retreat was a turning point in my life. I would credit this year as the single biggest leap year of my life so far, although next year is looking good too. It's like living in a dream, and I see that the retreat was the point where everything kicked into high gear. When I give inspirational presentations, I always tell the story of how I connected with my future publisher at the retreat because I want to encourage people to take time for experiences that reconnect them to their hearts.” – Julie Pech, the Chocolate Therapist, Colorado “I think Page and Sheri are FABULOUS! I so enjoyed all aspects of the Vee Bar Ranch and the Landscape of the Horse, that I’ve had a very difficult time getting back into my routine – that’s a good thing and very telling. I learned a lot about myself during that week through interaction with Page and Sheri, the group and the horses. It’s been a lifetime since I’ve spent quality time with one horse and in such heavenly surroundings that I must do it again and very soon!” – PJ Campbell, New York, Life Tips Guru “Thank you for the retreat. For all of it. There was such freedom in knowing that I had days to be immersed in some aspect of writing, without worrying about meals, schedules, etc. To be able to live and breathe writing for that long was such a blessing. The retreat fulfilled all my expectations and more. I felt invigorated and inspired throughout.” – Danielle Emond, President, Black Hills Writers, South Dakota "Page was highly recommended to me by a lady I met in Estes Park. I am so glad to have hired Page. She is an expert in this field! I will continue to use her services. Page is reasonable on cost and will let you know up front about her services and her charges. Without Page I would have been lost and could have been taken advantage of by someone else. I just want thank her and so will you. I am in the process of trying to get my book published and she will see me through the whole process. I also would to like to add that Page will make sure you clearly understand the information given to you by her. Page will also let you know what to do next, step by step. If you hire Page you will not be disappointed. You will be disappointed if you don’t hire Page. She is someone you can trust with your work!” ~ Carmen Swick, Aurora, Colorado “I often think of the warm brown river; silty water soft on my skin, moon light shedding shadows across the campsite, voices undulating with laughter and tears as sharing memories brought us intimacy, learning commonality in our differences, and knowing the incredible power of written words flung into the space between us and beyond the canyon walls. Women have been, do now, but need to be more the challengers and change agents for a world such as we created on those small rafts floating down that powerful river. There is no doubt in my mind each of the river goddesses are doing it.” ~ Barbara Bolin, Idaho “Page’s Literature and Landscape of the Horse retreat was transformative, the Wyoming landscape impossibly green from melting snow and spring rains. I vanquished old ghosts and conquered old fears. I rode when I was younger but was always too intimidated to become attuned to the horses. They were large, unpredictable and dangerous creatures, a complete mystery. At this retreat, I found myself on Lucky, a horse used to being in the lead. He moved rhythmically under the saddle, strong and sure-footed. I could have ridden Lucky forever. I learned more about horses during this week than in all the years I rode English, and learned a lot about myself too. I left with 22 new friends as well as a new perspective on writing, horses and my life.” ~ Susan Paturzo, NM “I loved the trip so much the first time, I've signed up to go down the river again with Page the end of July! The women who decided to take the trip were each motivated by their own set of circumstances and desires. What I found interesting is the level of energy that the group seemed to possess once we were on the river. Also everyone's willingness to share themselves with each other and express their desires and pain created a very supportive environment for everyone to get comfortable in. We were all river goddesses by the end of the journey. I think we all still consider ourselves in that vein and it's been several years since the trip.” ~ Becky Duncan, Maryland “I have returned with renewed vigor, earnest dedication to my writing and a genuine respect for womanhood. You and Sheri created a warm, comfortable and safe environment – one step at a time – for all of us to enjoy. I felt totally pampered by the river guides and “heard” by you. Thank you for a sensational time. This is on my list to do again next year, only for a longer trip. I hope you continue to heal, grow, and share with us your journey through the written and soft-spoken word.” ~ Shari Nova, Colorado “Combining the Literature and Landscape of the Horse themes was brilliant. The Vee Bar wranglers were amazing and the accommodations were excellent. The opportunity to combine horses, horseback riding and writing, the opportunity to sleep in a cabin on the river hearing the sound of the water rushing over rocks, the other wonderful participants, and the Wyoming landscape, were all very inspirational. I would love to come again.” – Julia McSherry, Greeley/Ft. Collins “I wanted to share with you that I have been reading In Search of Kinship as I have sat hours with my mother. How introspective and how parallels intersect giving me pause for thought and giving me much impetus to write my own story. Thanks for that. And thanks for the most wonderful journey of my life.” ~ Pat Branch, British Columbia, “Thank you again for such a lovely and productive retreat. You were hostess and mentor extraordinaire. I am continuing on my path of inspiration and determination These are the things I am taking home from this retreat: inspiration; extensive list of resources and great handouts; tips on how to better integrate reading, research, and disciplined writing into my life through the establishment of new patterns and daily/weekly/monthly/annual goals; a beautiful new journal; a notebook of ideas, thoughts, plans; an index of journals; a new friend. Thank you for opening your lovely home, sharing your enthusiasm and expertise, and for the pampering…you thought of every detail.” ~ Julia McSherry, Colorado “I came to these trips like every woman who attends--packing with me a tent, camping gear, writing supplies and some of the baggage I’ve picked up along my life’s journey as a woman. The river works her magic with all of these things. She gives us the wilderness experience to fortify and empower us, the writing experience to learn how words can flow out of us like water, and the ancient healing power of Mother River, nourishing us in her womb, feeding us with her blood, and reconnecting us with our own primordial womanhood.” ~ Diane Wolverton, Wyoming “When I returned from the Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat, several friends said I was ‘glowing’ and ‘grinning from ear to ear,’ something I don’t often hear. I came away from the retreat aware of the beauty, joy, inspiration and fun. It helped me find the voice and the courage to write--and submit for publication--two essays from the heart.” ” – Lyla Hamilton, Louisville, CO “The weeks since our magical time together have flown by, and alas, I find myself slipping unwillingly back into worldly ways (I think we were on another plane for a week…). But, one thing can’t change and that’s the fact that I was touched by each very every one of you in ways that go unexplained. It’s really hard to tell people who ask ‘how was your river vacation?’ about the reverence and grace that one can fine in a life jacket, a sarong, a tent…and sandy sleeping bags. It all adds up to be greater than the sum of the parts. Sumless.” ~ Andi Donaghy, Iowa. “I’m so glad I had a chance meeting with Page Lambert in Vancouver, B.C. a number of years ago and kept in touch and could finally share this experience with an amazing woman. At age 65, this Journey allowed me to be myself at any age, to get to know myself again (or maybe for the first time), and to just be – to share all this with an amazing, eclectic group of dynamic, sharing, loving women that became companions on a lifetime journey. We experienced awe, love, amazement, thankfulness, laughter (in abundance), personal growth that exceeded anything I could have imagined. We literally and figuratively climbed mountains, swam rivers, conquered fears, wrote our hearts out, and gave ourselves the best present ever. I hope this portrays the "experience" that is Page Lambert and the River Journey.” ~ Pat Branch, British Columbia. “To go on a retreat with Page is to be forever changed. In the company of women, who start out as strangers, we gradually discover each other and ourselves. Sitting by the river to write -- in the quiet of the canyon, surrounded by rocks, some three billion years old -- time slows down, allowing us to reach centers inside from which meanings come and connection. By the end of the trip, we call each other river sisters. But it's not just a phrase. We can see it in our faces and hear it in our voices and laughter that tumbles and cascades like the river: how profoundly we have been affected -- and joined -- by the experience we were privileged to share.” ~ Camille Kurtz, Washington, DC “Last week was an incredible experience for me. I felt myself wrapped in butterfly's wings. Thank all of you for being a part of it. I'm inspired. I'm excited. I’m transforming.” ~ Lisa Jackson, New Hampshire “The smell of the Vee Bar Ranch has still not evaporated. It still seems to emanate from every pore. I continue to sense the odor of the barn, the river, and most of all, Rocky. Rocky, my horse for the week, was strong and gentle. He stayed near the back, but was part of the herd. This was not the horse I would normally have chosen. However, when we pay attention, we usually find we get what we need, not what we want.” ~ Elspeth Nairn, Minnesota “On the boat Page helped us to shift into the “writer’s mind” by leading us in writing discussions and exercises. She made sure we had quiet time throughout the day to compose our stories into the little journals she had provided. At dusk, we gathered in a circle to talk about the day and share our writing with one another.” ~ Diane Wolverton, Wyoming “I was reminded by Page, Roxanne, and Rose of the life enriching value of poetic language and visual creativity…living in the present and living life as fully as possible. What I experienced on this trip was 20 vibrant women doing just that.” ~ Alice Katz, Illinois “The Literature and Landscape of the Horse Retreat offered a positive experience for amateurs as well as veteran riders and writers. Our goal was to learn more about how a horse communicates with the world and develop a deeper awareness of our own modes of communicating…Time was spent journaling, sharing our writing, reading excerpts of horse literature, as well as out in the wilderness on the backs of these loving and forgiving creatures, the horses. We made new friends. We laughed much of the time.” ~ Susan Stoltz, Wyoming “What diversity and kinship. Thank you, Page, for all you did; for your support, your knowledge, and you! Next to meeting my birth mother for the first time, I have to say my experience was the most life changing and I will always embrace it and cherish what it has given me.” ~ Linda Browning, Colorado “Thank you for making Molly feel so comfortable and included. I haven't seen her this happy in many years. She actually described the experience as "bliss"! She's already asking to go back next year. And I thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous ride back and forth to the Vee Bar. Wyoming is as beautiful as I remembered.” – Maureen McIntyre, (her daughter Molly attended the Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat as a graduation present), Colorado “The River Canyon touched my hidden spirit. It awakened my inner life….” ~ LeAnn Sharp, Texas “Ah, but the river memories come out of their crevices in my mind, seeping into my soul and bathing it in silty warm river water...and I am O.K.!!!!” ~ Barb Bolin, Idaho “It was a particular pleasure to get to sit down with Page and go over the writing pieces I'd brought with me. Her editing was extremely deft, plus I appreciated how she responded to what I was expressing that came from a deeper place inside me than I've yet explored... but hope to. To each of us, she gave so much of herself. For that and more, I thank her. For her encouragement, and prodding, her jokes, her spirituality, sense of sisterhood, and caring. She is a star! And it was a privilege to share in this trip!” ~ Camille Kurtz, Washington, D.C. “I just want you all to know how special the trip was for me also, and how long it had been since I had been nurtured that much. My resolve is to return that aspect to my life, I have been away too long.” ~ Linda Browning, Colorado “Whereas the landscape of my own life pales in the beauty of my surroundings in the canyon, I must never fail to honor the people who add texture and beauty to the canyons of my heart where the river of life flows like the mighty Colorado – serenely and rapidly.” ~ Gale Davis, Virginia “For anyone who hasn’t experienced a retreat with Page, I encourage you to give some serious thought to this trip. Page is a master teacher, who teaches you to dig deep inside for wonderful writing, and the magical river brings relaxing peace, with plenty of time to think, and write. Plus you will meet other women from all over the country who will become your river sisters on the second out! It’s just amazing what a few days can do to change your life.” ~ Phyllis Dugan, Wyoming Comments from Grand Canyon South Rim Retreat 2007 “Page has an uncanny ability, a remarkable ability to convey her ideas and experience, to encourage, inspire, and make her students comfortable. Sharing my writing with her and our colleagues was easy under her tutelage.” “Page is an absolute winner. I admire her teaching, writing, coaching. Thanks!” “Fantastic course! Page is very engaging and well prepared. I appreciated her sharing her work.” “I can’t compliment Page enough. She is engaging, warm, supportive. We ended up with a great group of classmates.”